Dog Bark Collar,Automatic Bark Training Collar with 3 Modes Sound/Vibration/Shock,Rechargeable Anti Barking Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity,IP67 Waterproof for Small Large Dogs MD23T

Dog Bark Collar,Automatic Bark Training Collar with 3 Modes Sound/Vibration/Shock,Rechargeable Anti Barking Collar with 8 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity,IP67 Waterproof for Small Large Dogs MD23T

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  • 4 Effective Training Modes and Adjustable Sensitivity:The collar works in automatic mode,which can freely combine sound,vibration and shock modes,effectively and safely stop barking.It is very suitable for people who are not professional or too busy but who want to change the bad behavior of the dog.Select a sensitivity level according to your dog.Level 8 is the most sensitive and level 1 the least sensitive.
  • Automatic Protection Mode:Smart Anti-Bark Collar with protection mode,dog training needs to be step by step,this anti-bark collar will temporarily stop working for 2 minutes if triggered 7 times in 1 minute.This mode is to protect your dog and give it time to calm down.The color LED display lets you know what level it is in,what mode it is in,and even the status of the battery when it's low.
  • Enhanced Anti-Interference:This anti-bark collar equipped with smart sensor and chip,will detect dog's barking at particular frequency and decibel,no more false triggering by other sounds or other dogs,trigger faster and more effective without delay.
  • Rechargeable and Waterproof :The built-in rechargeable lithium battery is large capacity,only takes 2 hours to be fully charged,and it offers up to 21 days of use.Charging is done via a USB port.The collar is IP67,which makes it resistant to rain,splashing water and dust.
  • Portable,Lightweight and Small:It is lightweight,only 1.94Oz,which makes it not only a suitable anti-bark collar for large dogs and medium dogs,but also a perfect anti-bark collar for small dogs.The adjustable and reflective band made of nylon comfortable (adjusts between 4 and 62 cm) is suitable for dogs over 6lb.

    Meloive Professional Dog Bark Collar

    Dogs are friendly and loyal, but at the same time, they are also naughty. They like to bark, and when they encounter something they like or dislike, they express their emotions by barking. Sometimes it disturbs your life or makes neighbors angry. Therefore, many people who like dogs choose to train them in order to make their dogs quiet and polite.

    The anti barking collar can be used without a remote control. Automatic mode can effectively prevent dogs from barking.

    How it works?

    Place the collar around the dog's neck. When the dog's barking and throat vibrations reach a certain sound frequency detectable by the sensor, it'll automatically activated by emitting a sound, followed by vibrations or shock.Dogs need a learning process. Most dogs will understand fairly quickly that the collar interferes with their urge to bark and so will stop barking.

    This anti barking collar saves your time and you no longer have to spend a lot of time and energy to correct your dog's excessive barking behavior, making your life peaceful and easy.

    4 Effective Barking Training Modes

    Free combination


    Shock and vibration modes can be set from 0 to 8 levels. Level 8 is the most, level 0 means that this mode is off. Depending on the nature and behavior of your dog, you can freely combine these modes to get your dog to stop barking.

    Adjust the sensitivity of the dog bark collar according to the environment in which it will be used. 8 is most sensitive, 1 is least sensitive.

    Smart Anti-interference

    The smart anti bark collar is designed with an advanced recognition chip with unique anti-false trigger technology, it will more accurately detect your dog's barking and effectively filter out other unrelated sounds in the environment to prevent false triggering. The collar will only activate when your dog barks, to provide you with timely and correct training.

    Automatic Protection Mode

    In the case of continuous barking in the mode with static shock, the bark collar will be gradually increased to a total of 6 cycles. When two adjacent barks are within 30 seconds of each other, the bark collar will increase by 1 level, increasing to 6 levels before entering 1 minute Protection Mode for your pet. This mode aims to protect your dog and give it time to calm down.

    IP67 Waterproof

    The collar is IP67 water resistant, it is made of excellent waterproof material. This allows your dog to swim freely with the collar on. It also means that you can train your dog in any weather condition.

    USB Rechargeable

    Equipped with USB charging cable, charging for 2 hours can be used for 21 days.

    Besides that, the screen of receiver can display the battery status.

    Suitable for All Dogs

    The adjustable nylon strap (4 to 62 cm) allows the collar to fit small, medium and large dogs. It is perfect for dogs over 6lb.

    Suggestions for appropriate sensitivity levels:

    The environment, temperament and size or breed of dogs can affect the Bark Control Collar. Below are suggestions for selecting for the right level of sensitivity based on different environments.

    1.Very quiet environment.-------Levels 6-8 suggested

    2.Normal environment (conversations and other noises)------Levels 4-5 suggested

    3.Noisy environment, with dogs playing around or loud music--------Level 1-3 suggested.

    Package Content

    1x Bark Receiver

    1x Adjustable nylon collar

    1x USB charging cable

    1x User Manual

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