Four Reasons to use the Training colalr

What is a training collar?
Contrary to popular belief, a training collar is not a means used to harm dogs. It is a simple, safe and reliable tool that allows dog owners to control them without a leash. Dogs are intelligent animals with a natural tendency to obey their owners. But they are also easily distracted by those around them. Sometimes it's hard to keep your dog's attention or to call him to order while out for a walk. In these cases, a training collar can be very useful. This training tool is a means used to correct certain behaviors in a dog.

1. A secure way to train your dog:
When you find your dog has a bad behavior or you want him or her follow your commands:
1. Use the Beep mode to alter her or draw her attention.
2. If no response, use the Vibration to alter.
3. For most of the dogs, Vibration will be strong enough for them to correct the bad action or follow the order. For some stubborn dogs, you can use the Static shock after no reaction on Vibration.
After a period time of training, you will find your dog reacting once he/she hears the Beep sound. You don’t even need to use the Vibration or Static shock.

2. Prevent running away
When taking a walk with your dog, you need to make sure that he comes back every time you call him. With all the distractions on the street (cars, children, dogs, etc.), your dog may not hear you, or simply ignore your orders. The remote control system allows you to call your dog from afar with a simple vibration or beep. Little by little, the dog will associate the vibration or the beep with a prohibited behavior, and will become more obedient.

3.Prevent excessive barking
Barking is natural for dogs! Barking excessively is a behavior to be corrected. Excessive barking can harm your neighbors, and especially you. Some dogs tend to bark when someone approaches home or when they see someone outside. A little stimulation can be enough to make the dog understand to stop barking.

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The collar cannot teach your dog the do's and don'ts. Only after your training, your dog will be able to understand the meaning of the signals that you send him.
For example, each time your dog barks, you can use vibration mode while telling him to calm down. Little by little, your dog will understand this stimulation with the fact of stopping the barking.